Welcome to the new home of What We Have to Lose, reborn and refashioned into something a bit different.

Yellow Wood is intended to be a place with a broader focus than the old blog – dealing with more problems (and solutions!) than the strictly environmental, and where there is room for all kinds of different expressions of what it means to exist in the world right now. A place for whimsical poetry and environmental rants, for utopian solutions and expressions of despair.

This new magazine will be experimental and eclectic, incorporating poetry, photography, art, essays, musings…maybe even short stories and music. It reflects my growing dissatisfaction with the narrow focus – both in subject matter and mode of expression – of What We Have to Lose. I care about and am interested in too many issues to be confined to just environmental, primarily agricultural issues, and my desire to create and express is much broader than just well-researched blog-ish articles.

I want this project to be less of an individual endeavour than was What We Have to Lose. I am very open to submissions, and will look open-mindedly at any submission relating broadly to the themes of the publication.

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