Support my work

Recently, I took the leap doing something that makes me feel more than a little nervous and uncomfortable, and started a Patreon account – something friends have been telling me to do for a while.

Patreon is a platform where you can support creatives & others to do their work. Especially in industries which are historically low-paid and difficult to enter – like writing & farming – this kind of additional support can be the difference between success & failure. While writing and farming are both my passions, I would also like to eventually be in a position to rely on them to pay the bills.

I’ll continue doing what I do – writing & publishing my work wherever I can – here on Yellow Wood and elsewhere. But now, rather than just doing it for free, I’ll be using a pay-what-you-feel model.

If what you feel (or can afford) is nothing, then that’s fine! Please continue to read and enjoy my work – I create it for you! But if you’d like to, then you can support me on Patreon, helping me continue to produce articles, stories & poems in a way that is financially sustainable.

Head here to check it out.